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Our partners

Are you looking for experts who can provide you with additional support in the area of data protection and/or information security? Then you've come to the right place! Our partners would be pleased to advise you on data protection issues or guide you on the path toward improved information security within your company. And by using one of our partners, you will benefit from holistic support: Intervalid as the ideal implementation tool and professional advice from our experts. Below you will find a summary of what each of our partners can offer:

Our partners in data protection

We are IHK-certified external data protection officers and your partner for legally compliant data protection. DIE DATENSCHÜTZER consists of IT experts, an IT lawyer and an economist and together we help create a seamless integration between the GDPR and your area of business. Using our comprehensive expertise, we support small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of IT, law and data protection.

Archivstraße 3 | 73614 Schorndorf

+49 7181-20763-0 

We are your trusted contact persons for the General Data Protection Regulation. As GDPR civil engineers/civil engineering technicians, we are state-authorized to issue public documents. Classed as "technical notaries" in the field of data protection, we create and check companies' data protection concepts and management systems. We have extensive knowledge in the field, gained from working with our numerous clients who have entrusted us with the role of external data protection officer in their company.

Haselbrunnerstraße 14 | 1230 Wien

+43 676 480 63 00

Data is the gold of the 21st century. It is essential that you are fully aware of the GDPR and are able to comply with all policies, thus protecting yourself as well as your customers and partners. IT audits are a proven means of identifying existing problems in advance so that you can take appropriate action. We would be pleased to advise you on the implementation of the GDPR as well as in all matters relating to IT security.

IKTUS Audits GmbH
Hauptstr. 106/108 | 78549 Spaichingen 

Gerhard Mayrhofer | +43 732 322 040

Your number-one contact for customized design of data protection, quality, safety or environmental management systems. Our solutions are tailored to your individual needs, whatever the field of application or industry. We are also available to you at any time as an external data protection officer, ISO, QMO or even interim CISO.

ISO Schmiede GmbH
Am Hardtwald 7 | 76275 Ettlingen

Andreas Kunz | +49 7243 991 670 0

Koell Consulting advises companies in all data protection matters. The highest level of consulting expertise is combined with structured concepts and comprehensible implementation strategies to create pragmatic solutions. With Intervalid, Koell Consulting represents secure data protection management, which is becoming a vital factor in the success of companies in the information society. In addition, training courses on the topic of security awareness are offered.

Koell Consulting GmbH
Spitzäckerweg 3 | 6460 Imst

Markus Köll | +43 664 920 34 22 

Mag. Michael Hirth - lawyer and certified data protection officer; also acts as external consultant and speaks at GDPR events.

Leitner Hirth Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Grieskai 16 | 8020 Graz

Michael Hirth | +43 316 710 111

ProIT Service GmbH is a consulting company in the field of IT security and data protection. We offer legally compliant solutions that are adapted to the everyday business of our clients. We provide practical advice to a range of clients, including construction companies, media agencies, tax consultants, auditors, and software manufacturers throughout Germany, drawing on over 20 years of experience in IT.

ProIT Service GmbH 
Urbahnstraße 1 | 81371 München

+49 89 41 41 41 31 – 0

As IT experts, we have been developing individual solutions for our clients for over 30 years. We combine certified data protection with expertise from many years of practical experience in IT security.

Rolf Schneider GmbH
Reutlinger Str. 1 | 40593 Düsseldorf

Rolf Schneider | +49 211 97000 – 0

Die Süddeutsche Datenschutzgesellschaft mbH verbindet juristische und technische Expertise, um Unternehmen praxisnah und pragmatisch bei Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit (z.B. ISO27001, TISAX®, BSI Grundschutz, KAIT) zu unterstützen. Neben einer ganzheitlichen, auf individuelle Bedürfnisse zugeschnittenen datenschutzrechtlichen Beratung bieten wir technische Audits, Penetrationstests sowie eine Schulungsplattform für unsere Schwerpunkte und ein IT-Sicherheitsportal zum Monitoring. Wir beraten Startups ebenso wie internationale Konzerne aber auch Behörden, immer mit dem Ziel, Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit optimal in den Geschäftsalltag zu integrieren.

Süddeutsche Datenschutzgesellschaft mbH
Von-Brettreich-Straße 4
93049 Regensburg

+49 941 3817 7070

Our partners in information security

Founded at the end of 2019 upon many years of experience, ACM Consultants set itself the goal of paving the way to a secure IT future for companies. We provide a range of support, from strategic decision-making to technical implementation. Among other things, this includes security analyses 
(incl. penetration tests), managed security services and consulting in information security, including the well-known regulations ISO 27001, TISAX®, KRITIS and VdS10000. With offices in Warendorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Leipzig, ACM Consultants is represented throughout Germany.

ACM Consultants GmbH
Am Holzbach 10 | 48231 Warendorf

Markus Bachsleitner | +49 160 97 97 97 85

Adaptron GmbH is an independent system house based in Mammendorf. Its services include IT security, backup and virtualisation, cloud, unified communications and support.

Adaptron GmbH advises small and medium-sized companies on IT security issues and supports them in the introduction of an information security management system (ISMS) according to common standards such as BSI IT-Grundschutz, ISO 27001, VdS 10000 and others. With its own IT security standard "Adaptron 7", it also provides small companies with a simple and effective introduction to the topic of information security.

Adaptron GmbH
Ottostraße 3 82291 Mammendorf 

+49 8145 99 699 – 0

From IT infrastructure and IT security to software support - we make corporate IT performant. Whether you only want to secure individual files, your server or your cloud services, we develop your individual IT security concept. We support our customers in the implementation of an ISMS according to ISO 27001 or the BSI-Grundschutz. With DIN SPEC 27076, we also have the perfect tool to sensitise smaller companies to IT security issues.

Disseler IT Service GmbH
Dinkellandstr. 13 | 48703 Stadtlohn

Thomas Lanfer | +49 2563 9089130

goSecurity AG successfully guides companies on the path to ISO certification according to 
ISO 27001 / ISO 27701 / ISO 22301.The team of 19 people, based in Switzerland, has over 20 years of experience. By using a pragmatic approach, a fully functioning management system can be established very quickly.

goSecurity AG
Schulstrasse 11 | 8542 Wiesendangen

Andreas Wisler | +41 52 511 37 37

INDUSYS GmbH, based in Sauerland, works to protect medium-sized companies from cyber threats and attacks via a holistic IT security concept. The security specialists assist their clients in the creation of an ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001, analyze their current IT security level, advise on the implementation of security measures, operate comprehensive managed security services and provide an IT security manager if required. Decades of experience in the field of IT infrastructure and information security have provided INDUSYS with extensive expertise, from consulting to the operation of IT security solutions.

Kerkhagen 9 | 58513 Lüdenscheid

Zoran Trajkovic | +49 2351 9974 0

As a consultant and interim CISO, Michael Wiesner has been supporting companies in managing their information security for more than 25 years. He and his team take care of all essential issues relating to information and cyber security, with a focus on information security management (VdS 10000, TISAX®, ISO 27001), penetration testing and incident response.

Michael Wiesner GmbH
Am Flachsacker 4 | 35708 Haiger

Michael Wiesner | +49 2773 813 26 230

The company was founded as a development and design office over 10 years ago. In the meantime, I almost exclusively offer consulting and auditing in the area of ISO 27001 as well as TISAX AL2 / AL3. Ich bin als freiberuflicher Auditor im Auftrag der DEKRA Certification GmbH für die benannten Normen bestellt. Audits führe ich sowohl in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache durch. Auf Nachfrage stehe ich auch für Audits / Beratungen sowohl im EU-Raum als auch Nicht-EU Raum zur Verfügung. 

Ingenieurbüro Basel
Eisinger Str. 13 | 75249 Kieselbronn

Tarik Basel | 
+49 173 52 456 85 

Werner Merz IT-Consulting

Werner Merz has been working in the field of ISMS since 2016. His focus is on municipal utilities, having attended more than 100 days of audits (internal and external). He also works as an independent consultant as well as an information security officer at Stadtwerke. In 2018, Werner Merz successfully completed the requisite training for the role as auditor/lead auditor for ISO 27001. He advises Stadtwerke in the area of ISO 27001, 27002, 27019 and the IT security catalog (these standards include audits).

Werner Merz IT-Consulting
Ostlandstr. 17
 | 73035 Göppingen 

Werner Merz | +49 7161 5072 535 
+49 173 263 11 25

Our partners in data protection & information security

AXSOS AG offers a comprehensive full-service portfolio of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and digitalization. Serving more than 300 clients in the D-A-CH region, we assist in establishing suitable cybersecurity strategies, implementation of standards such as ISO 27001, employee awareness training, managed SoC, vulnerability management and transition to the cloud.

Axsos AG
Konrad-Zuse-Weg 1
 | 72555 Metzingen

Bernd Länge | +49 711 901 196 441

We are the bridge between our clients and the realms of information security, data protection, IT forensics and counter-eavesdropping measures. We assist in the implementation of ISO 27001, VdS 10000, BSI IT Basic Protection and other industry-specific standards. Our customers trust our pragmatic attitude, creative approach to complex problems and our neutrality.

Siemensstraße 18 | 47608 Geldern

Volker Wassermann | +49 2831 395 909 50

EDV-Management Consultancy Floß GmbH is a specialist service provider for every aspect of information security (ISO 27001, TISAX®, CISIS 12, Best Practice, etc.), as well as offering professional data protection services within the framework of the GDPR, BDSG-neu, TTDSG, etc. Our goal is to arrive at customer-related and pragmatic solutions using our team of specialists (technicians, lawyers, organization and process management experts) and implement these solutions successfully for the client.

EDV-Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH
Hopfengarten 10 | 33775 Versmold

Thomas Floß | Sebastian von der Au
+49 5423 964 900

We are a reliable partner for our many clients in all IT-related aspects of their business. We provide comprehensive advice and support for implementation of GDPR-compliant data protection solutions, as well as assisting in the development and operation of an information security management system according to ISO 27001 or TISAX®. We also advise on the latest IT solutions and secure cloud applications. On request, we can provide an external data protection officer (eDPO) or information security officer (ISO) as part of our service packages, as well as auditors for internal audits. We work with clients across Germany and, in some cases, also for their subsidiaries in other countries.

Frank-ITS GmbH
Wollreffenweg 45 
| 74613 Öhringen

Jochen Frank | Kevin Frank

We offer customized solutions in the areas of IT security (according to ISO 27001 and TISAX®) and data protection. Let our certified and TÜV-tested consultants support you with proven best practices and provide you with tailor-made advice. 

Immerce GmbH
Kemptener Str. 9 | 87509 Immenstadt

Frank Müns | +49 8323 209 99 40

InfiniSafe GmbH is a consulting company for data protection and information security. With our certified consultants we support medium-sized and globally operating companies in the implementation of data protection and information security management systems based on national and international standards (ISO 27001, VDA-ISA, KRITIS, BSI-Grundschutz, CISIS 12). As part of our service, we assume the role of the external data protection officer (DPO) or the external information security officer (ISO), as well as the internal auditor.

Through our InfiniSafe e-learning portal, we train and sensitise our customers' employees on the topics of data protection and security awareness, in a practical, sustainable manner and independent of time and place.

InfiniSafe GmbH
Floßmannstr. 16 | 81245 München

Peter Rother | +49 172 2524266

Joachim Dürr is a consultant, information security officer and auditor for ISO 27001, the IT Sicherheitskatalog and ISO 9001. He offers consulting and training in the set-up, operation and auditing (audits, internal audits) of management systems.

Joachim Dürr Softwareengineering
Am Käppele 4 | 72184 Eutingen iG – Weitingen

Joachim Dürr | +49 151 5131 6693

itsecuritycoach provides tailored services to protect your sensitive data and corporate information throughout its lifecycle. You are not only better able to protect your assets, but you will also benefit from our experience working on long-term projects in partnership with top-tier clients. We offer the following guidelines/standards: ISO/IEC 27001, TISAX®, VdS 10000, BSI IT-Grundschutz, BSI Standards and NIST Cyber Security Framework. 

Philipp Christopher Rothmann – Itsecuritycoach
Am Hang 13 | 57489 Drolshagen

Uwe Herper | +49 151 6187 4904

Seit 2002 beraten wir Unternehmen aller Größen umfassend zu Themen des Datenschutzes und der Informationssicherheit und bauen die entsprechenden Managementsysteme auf. Unser Team aus rechtlichen und technischen Sachverständigen verfügt über lange Erfahrung insbesondere auch im Gesundheitswesen und im Konzerndatenschutz. Sofern gewünscht, erstellen wir auch Dokumentation für Sie, schulen Ihre Mitarbeitenden, und Sie können uns als externe Datenschutzbeauftragte oder Informationssicherheitsbeauftragte bestellen. 

PrivCom Datenschutz GmbH
Rothenbaumchaussee 165 | 20149 Hamburg 

Dr. Bettina Kähler | +49 40 524 795 701

As internationally certified consultants, we guide our clients in the fascinating realm of "quality, processes and innovation". Alongside GDPR consulting, in our role as certified data protection officers, we also assist our clients in the area of information security, as certified ISMS managers and auditors in accordance with ISO 27001. We have a wealth of experience and use state-of-the-art methodology. 

QPI e.U. – Qualitäts Prozess Management 
Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 6 | 6020 Innsbruck

Hannes Krösbacher | +43 676 848 910 100

Reduceo GmbH, based in Cologne, offers consulting services in the areas of data protection, information security, environmental protection and compliance for medium-sized and globally active companies. Their range of services covers all requirements, from the implementation of a data protection or information security management system to supplier security. Reduceo GmbH advises on all facets of security, including data protection and information security in line with ISO 27001, BSI Basic Protection, TISAX® and VdS 10000, physical security concepts, legal issues and employee training.

Reduceo GmbH
Hohenstaufenring 58 | 50674 Köln 

Holger Berens | +49 157 847 856 64

Die Riske IT GmbH ist international tätig und bietet mit ihren TÜV-zertifizierten Experten Beratungen in den Bereichen Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit. Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Umsetzung von DSGVO, TTDSG und BDSG sowie bei der Einführung von Informations-Sicherheits-Management-Systemen nach ISO 27001, ISO 27701 und dem BSI-Grundschutz.

Unser umfassendes Serviceangebot beinhaltet neben Beratungen auch Schulungen in den Bereichen Datenschutz & Informationssicherheit sowie Datenschutz- und Informationssicherheits-Audits und die Stellung von externen Datenschutzbeauftragten (DSB) und Informationssicherheitsbeauftragten (ISB).


Riske IT GmbH 
Keldenicher Straße 23 | 50389 Wesseling 

+49 2236 331 0745

Die Süddeutsche Datenschutzgesellschaft mbH verbindet juristische und technische Expertise, um Unternehmen praxisnah und pragmatisch bei Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit (z.B. ISO27001, TISAX®, BSI Grundschutz, KAIT) zu unterstützen. Neben einer ganzheitlichen, auf individuelle Bedürfnisse zugeschnittenen datenschutzrechtlichen Beratung bieten wir technische Audits, Penetrationstests sowie eine Schulungsplattform für unsere Schwerpunkte und ein IT-Sicherheitsportal zum Monitoring. Wir beraten Startups ebenso wie internationale Konzerne aber auch Behörden, immer mit dem Ziel, Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit optimal in den Geschäftsalltag zu integrieren.

Süddeutsche Datenschutzgesellschaft mbH
Von-Brettreich-Straße 4
93049 Regensburg

+49 941 3817 7070

Are you a consulting company in the field of data protection and/or information security, or would you like to become a sales partner of Intervalid?

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